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Mi Casa Salsa Mix

Testimonial: ''Paul and Linda, you were right! You said this salsa was good ... and I'm not a big salsa eater but I just wanted to let you know that I have never had salsa that was as delicious as this is!  Thank you!''


- Tammy H., Iowa

Make your own salsa!

Mi Casa Salsa Mix


Mi Casa Salsa Mix is a packet of pre-measured, all natural ingredients that the consumer will use to make their own homemade salsa. Mi Casa means "my house" and the salsa will truly be the customer's house specialty.

Customers like the great taste, ease of preparation and versatility - since the salsa can be made as hot or as mild as you like by simply varying the amount of fresh or canned tomatoes.


When shop owners send in reorders, they include notes like "delicious salsa" and "our customers love it."

Health conscious consumers know that salsa is extremely low in fat and adds flavor to other low fat foods.

In addition to eating with chips, salsa is used to flavor meats and veggies, as a marinade or sauce and as a topping for pizzas, spaghetti, burgers and egg dishes.



Canning Suggestions


Step 1: Simmer the ingredients of the packet as the directions indicate.


Step 2: Add the tomato paste and stir briefly until mixed. Remove from heat.


Step 3: Add the 8 cups of chopped fresh tomatoes and stir until mixed well.


Step 4: Pack into pint or quart-size jars and water bath, as your recipe book suggests for the cold-pack method of canning tomatoes.


By using this method to can your salsa when tomatoes are plentiful from the garden, you can enjoy your Mi Casa Salsa even longer than the extended period of time it normally keeps in the refrigerator.



History of

Mi Casa Salsa Mix



Waverly, Iowa (May 1994) - Mi Casa Salsa Mix manufactured and distributed exclusively in Iowa will soon be available in selected gift and gourmet shops in other states.


This unique new product, which is a blend of all natural ingredients, is designed to appeal to the salsa connoisseur.


Mi Casa Salsa Mix offers the consumer many advantages, including:


Guaranteed freshness because you make it yourself

The pre-measured packet allows for ease of preparation

Versatility - it can be made milder or hotter by varying the amount of tomatoes

Has the same quantity - 2 quarts

Can be stored in the refrigerator and

Can be canned for even longer storage


Mi Casa Salsa Mix is the brainchild of company founder and president, Phyllis Welsch. Phyllis, a native Texan who grew up eating hot food, turned her penchant for gardening and cooking into a small business which continues to grow. At gardening time, she always planted too many tomato plants and needed something to do with the tomatoes. After playing around in the kitchen with many different salsa recipes, she developed one of her own and was soon giving salsa away by the gallons. Rave reviews for the salsa and demands for the recipe prompted Phyllis to develop the pre-measured dry package mix and start marketing Mi Casa.

Retail and Wholesale Sales


We sell Mi Casa products both retail and wholesale.


If interested, please contact us at

(319) 283-1905



Retail cost is $2.99 a package.


We can ship 6 packages for $17.94 plus $5.00 S&H 

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